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Steel Carrier   Epoxy Carrier   PVC Carrier
Aramid carrier

Aramid carrier is a laminated material produced by impregnating Aramid non-woven cloth in Epoxy resin
Aramid is aromatic polyamide, a tough organic fiber with high elasticity

Low scratch defect ratio
Excellent wear-resistant performance
Outstanding durability
Excellent sheet thickness tolerance : +0.02 to -0.03

Aramid Polyester carrier

Aramid Polyester carrier is a material made by sandwiching polyester woven cloth between layers of aramid non-woven cloth. Aramid Polyester has high tear resistance

High tear resistance
Low scratch defect ratio
Lower costs

Epoxy Glass carrier

Epoxy Glass carrier is a laminated material of glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin.
This material with its outstanding bending stength and elasticity is especially suitable for lapping and polishing glass hard disks.

Execellent sheet thickness tolerance : +0.02 to -0.03
Low cost
Outstanding durability

Stainless carrier

Stainless carrier with its high corrosion resistance and strength is perfect for lapping materials such as silicon wafers, tec.