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Max work Size Ø150 mm X 300 mm
Center to Center distance between spindles

450 mm

Wire Max Speed

1,500 m / min

Applicable wire diameter(core wire)
Core 0.13 mm ~ 0.18 mm
Max. loading tension
50 N
Rocking angle 10°
Coolant capacity 200 L
Max. wire reel wind-up capacity 50 Km
Machine weight 8000kg
Machine Dimensions (W*H*L) 1900 mm X 2600 mm X 2600 mm
PLC system
40 steps of slicing condition
4 steps of password level
Touch Panel
Language option by one touch Japanese/English/Korean/Chinese Snapping detector sensor
단선 검지 센서 탑재
Flow meter
Centrifugal machine
Automatical water supply and waste water
Transmission of slicing condition to USB memory
CIM management
1. Improvement of slicing accuracy
40 steps of slicing condition
2. Processing costs down
Touch Panel
3. Increase of productivity
Snapping detector sensor
  4 inch 6 inch
Slicing time
within 6 h.

within 12 h.

below 10 ㎛

below 10 ㎛

below 10 ㎛ below 20 ㎛